At Rupert’s we love to tap into the available regional resources to stock our pantry. When possible, we scour the local Farmer’s Market (which happens to be right in our backyard), forage for wild morel mushrooms and huckleberries, hand select cuts of meat from our local buffalo and deer farms, and serve up delicious artisan bread, cheese, and pastries from local businesses right here in McCall, Idaho.

These quality ingredients are then masterfully combined by Chef Gary into dishes that focus on flavor with with a fondness toward ethnic flavors of the Southwest, Asia, and Mediterranean.


Stacey Cakes

“More than just icing on the cake!” These handcrafted, highly addictive sweet and savory pastries, specialty cakes and amazing cookies are a favorite at Rupert’s.

Evening Rise Bread Company

Fresh bread baked daily with delicious recipes like jalapeno cheese bread along with traditional favorites like rye, ciabatta, and french. Oh, they also make fresh pizza dough daily!

McCall Farmers' Market

The hands-down best place to find local produce (and pretty flowers to brighten up your table!) in McCall. Local farmers bring everything from garden tomatoes to raspberries to fresh herbs. And we love to put them on the menu!

North Wood Buffalo Farm

Local ranchers Larry Wilhite and Eloris Chisholm manage North Wood Buffalo Farm and raise natural, grass-fed buffalo in the McCall area. Whether a long bone cut or hamburger, we are fans of this delicious red meat!